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2018 Southwest Little League Calendar


February 3rd and February 10th 11:00 am – 2:00 pm @ Little Log Cabin at Steve Cox Park 




Upper Division tryouts TBA



Coaches Fundamentals Clinic: Feb 21st

Coaches Clinic Feb 24th 9:00@ Little Log Cabin at Steve Cox Memorial Park-  Mandatory clinic for all upper division coaches

Coaches Clinic March 3rd @Little Log Cabin at Steve Cox Memorial Park-Mandatory clinic for all lower division coaches.

First Aid Clinic TBA

Umpire 101: March 23rd


JAMBOREE- Saturday April 7th 11:00 am @ Steve Cox Memorial Park


PICNIC AND HOME RUN DERBY-Saturday June 9th at Steve Cox Memorial Park

Home Run Derby- WC #3  9am Majors

9:30 AAA

10:00 AA

10:45 Coach Pitch

11:45 TBall

Food served at noon

Awards at 1pm