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Parents’ Overview

Fun and Fair Play – Little League serves boys and girls as young as 4 years old, youth in high school, and all ages in between.  The needs of the different age groups are quite striking.  As parents, we will be at our best when we bring expectations appropriate for each age group.   In the t-ball and coach pitch divisions, coaches and parents are introducing kids to the fun of playing baseball.   The minors division is for 9-11 year olds to emphasize skill development and team play.  The major’s division is the age group most consider to be “little league”.   This is the division that you are most likely to see at the “Little League World Series”.   It is the highest level of play for youth 10-12 years old and the bases are still 60′ apart.   The junior and seniors divisions are for youth who wish to continue competitive baseball on 90′ bases.   The competitive nature of the sport will increase as children grow and play through the divisions.

This Season – This is an outline of the season.  For specific dates, please see our Calendar page.

  • Signups –  Please register at the scheduled signups which will be held on Saturdays in February.
  • Coaches – Every team is coached by volunteers, and this is almost always a parent of one of the youth on a team.  When registration is complete, the league will calculate the number of teams and coaches needed.  If no parent volunteers to coach a team, you may be requested to coach a team.
  • Volunteer Background Check – every person who has regular contact with youth in Little League sports is required to pass a background check.  Volunteers will be asked to sign an application and authorize this background check.
  • Coach and Umpire training – Prior to the beginning of the season, these individuals must attend a rules clinic.
  • Formation of Teams – T-ball and coach pitch teams will be identified by a player agent (volunteer).  If your child wishes to play with a particular friend, please make a note on the registration form.  Minor, Majors, Junior, and Senior divisions will form teams through tryouts and a draft.   Specifics about rules for team formation are defined in the league bylaws.
  • Pictures – To be held after uniforms are distributed, and before practices begin (see calendar).
  • Jamboree – This event kicks off the new season with a national anthem, presentation of the teams, and possibly exhibition games.  It will be held at Steve Cox Memorial Park (see calendar).
  • Practices – Once teams are formed, practices will be held in March on City of Seattle, King County, or Highline School District fields within our boundaries.  Fields will be scheduled for you by a volunteer within the league.  T-Ball and coach pitch practices will be held on a schedule that works for the coach, probably two times per week.   Older divisions may practice more frequently during March.   Practices will be held less frequently once games begin in April.
  • Games – Southwest Little League games will be played between teams in our league and with teams from other leagues in our district.   Home games will be played on fields within our boundaries.  Away games will be played within the district at fields at Alki Point, Burien, Des Moines, and Tukwila.   They typically start at 5:30 PM on week days, and during daylight hours on Saturdays.
  • Tournaments – Southwest Little League does not hold “standings” during the regular season, and we do not always make up games that were rained out.   This takes the pressure off of everyone during the regular season.   In June, our league will hold tournaments to select minors, majors, juniors and seniors teams to play in the district “Tournament of Champions”.    In addition to the TOC, youth in these divisions will be interested in playing in an “All Stars” tournament in July.
  • Umpires – In t-ball and coach pitch divisions, umpires are selected from parents on one team or the other.  This is almost always the case in the minors and majors divisions too.  Umpires for higher divisions are volunteers coordinated by the district.
  • Uniforms and Clothing – Little League baseball in Seattle begins in the early spring when temperatures are cool and fields are wet.  Every player should wear a jacket or long sleeve shirt at events prior to April.   Warm arms and hands are less likely to be injured.  Every player will be given a team hat, which they may keep.   Players in all divisions will be loaned a team jersey.   Players will be responsible for purchasing their own pants, belt, and socks.
  • Transportation – Parents should plan to transport their own children to and from games.  Occasionally, a coach or parent may volunteer to carpool.
  • Participation – Little League is a youth sport, not a baby sitting service.  This is especially true at the youngest age levels.  Parents should plan on helping with the t-ball and coach pitch teams.  Even the older age groups will require help from parents for scorekeeping, umpiring, coordinating snacks, practices and special events.

Southwest Little League meets at least monthly beginning in September and through April.  These are open meetings which are held at the North Highline Fire Station.   Specifics about operation of the league are defined in these meetings and recorded in the league bylaws.

Would you like to learn more about the Rules and Regulations of the game? Join Little League University! www.littleleague.org