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Let’s Play Ball!

If you are reading this web site, you must be interested in playing baseball!

You are probably dreaming of pitching amazing fastballs, or hitting the ball over the fence, or scoring the game winning run. We want to prepare you to experience those victories.

We’ll do our best to prepare you. In addition to helping you learn the fundamental skills of baseball, we hope to help you develop some foundational beliefs about your self as a person and an athlete.

  • The desire to strive whole-heartedly toward excellence.
  • The realization that nothing of any real value is ever achieved without hard work and dedication.
  • The development of a healthy attitude toward competition.
  • The development of a spirit of cooperation.
  • Self-confidence through the use of one’s own decision-making capabilities.
  • The development of the desire to have fun!

What is your motivation?

Motivation is the psychological force that drives you to perform well. It is related to having a sense of purpose, or a goal. Your purpose for participating in sport may come from the pleasure of the game, satisfaction in accomplishing a task, and admiration you earn from others. Each person has their own motivations as an athlete. We hope that as you play this year, you will discover your own motivations for success.

Do you have the “skills”?

Players come to baseball with a wide range of skills. You can expect that your coaches will lead you through several stages of learning as you acquire skills this season.

Cognitive – Your coach will help you to visualize specific skills, either through demonstrations by other players and coaches, or by training videos.

Practice – There will be plenty of practice designed to give players as much opportunity as possible to develop new skills through trial and error. Coaches will encourage you to use consistent training patterns to develop self discipline as your skills improve.

Habits – Later in the season you can expect to reap the rewards of your practice. Your skills will have been practiced so much that they have become habits.

Reinforcement – You can expect your coaches to give you feed back about your performance, and you can expect them to set up activities that will build on your learning through cooperative and competitive activities.

Do you have the gear?

Some of the gear you will need this year will be provided by the league. Other gear will be your own. Players in Southwest Little League will be provided with a jersey and baseball cap. The league will provide the fields, bases, bats, balls, and safety equipment. You should be prepared to bring the following items on your own.

  • Baseball Glove
  • Batting Gloves (optional)
  • Safety athletic cup
  • Baseball Shoes

History of  Little League baseball.

Little League was founded in Williamsport, Pennsylvania in 1939. It is the largest organized youth sports program in the world. Nearly 3 million youth ages 5 through 18 play Little League throughout the world every year.