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Dec, 2022

Preseason Q&A

Little League® recently published a list of questions on its website for parents to ask of their local league during the registration period.

To save you the trouble, your Southwest Little League board of directors have considered the questions and provided some high-level answers here, so you can continue your planning to register online early or arrive at one of our Saturday sign-up days with whatever clarifying questions you may need to ask.

Southwest Little League Q&A

My child tried out last year, does he/she have to try out again this year?


It is one of the requirements for eligibility that all player candidates attend at least 1 of the tryout sessions.

What will happen during the tryouts, and what should my child bring?

Tryouts is the only opportunity for league personnel to evaluate players' abilities and skill levels in order to properly fill divisions and rosters. Players will take part in exercises to see where they are with batting/bunting, fielding fly balls, fielding ground balls, throwing, and running.

Players should dress appropriately for the weather. With all the baseball activity, all participants should have their baseball mitt/glove, as well as water for hydration. Boys must wear their athletic cup in order to participate. Baseball cleats are preferred and will be beneficial to the player, but not mandatory. Players are welcome to use their own batting helmet and baseball bat, as long as they meet safety standards.

How will my child be selected to a team, and when will the teams be announced?

League officials will consider age, experience, and any teammate and/or coach requests during the team-assignment process.

It is possible that a player registered for the minor division, based on his/her performance at tryouts, that they could be "drafted" onto a major team.

Your player's coach will contact you with the details in early March.

I have more than one child, can they play together on the same team?

As long as both players are eligible for the same division, the league will make every effort to accommodate teammate requests, especially for siblings.

What is a player pool?

A collection of players from existing teams who are willing to participate in extra games, filling-in for teams facing a shortage of rostered players during the regular season.

What is interleague play? Is interleague play travel ball?

As a small league, many of Southwest Little League's teams will play against teams from neighboring leagues during their regular season do players get the opportunity to play against as many different players and teams as possible.

While there is some travel involved in interleague play, it is not the same as what people refer to as "travel ball" or "travel baseball".

What are combined teams?

Two or more neighboring leagues with low registration numbers for any giving division of play ( e.g. Junior baseball) may work together to form "combined teams." The collaborating leagues place all registrants for the division into a single pool and draft them into teams for season play.

This option is most often used by leagues in which there are not enough players to field a team for a certain division. It can also be used when there are enough players to field one team, but not enough for two.

What division will my child play in? Are there any specific requirements about each division?

A player's "league age" is used to determine eligibility. Your child's age as of August 31 will be his/her "league age." You can use the Little League Age Calculator to find a player's division eligibility by birth month and year.

Many players will be eligible for multiple divisions, which is where tryouts come into play, helping league officials determine the best fit for every player's experience level.

What paperwork is required and how do I submit it?

As detailed in our registration FAQ, players must proof of eligibility to play in Southwest Little League to successfully complete registration. Proof of age is also needed to prove eligibility for divisions of play.

League eligibility can be supported with either school enrollment information OR three different documents (for example, a parent or guardian's driver license, lease, and a utility bill) establishing residency within the league's borders.

What do the registration fees go toward?

The league's largest expense, by far, is field rental, so most of the registration fees go to help offset those costs.

However, the league also must pay annually for player insurance, tournament fees, first aid, uniforms, equipment (baseballs, catcher equipment, batting helmets, etc.).

Are there fundraisers throughout the season? Is there a fundraising buyout option?

We have eliminated the requirement for a player fundraiser, but do plan on other events to raise money, such as sweatshirt sales, Mariner's Little League game-day ticket sales, 50/50 raffles, etc.

Due to the needs of the league and community, we are also always interested in new fundraising ideas, so if you have them, please share them with the board of directors!

Am I required as a parent to volunteer?

Because Southwest Little League is run entirely by volunteer efforts, we do ask that everyone play a role. We provide a wide variety of opportunities to help the league and teams run for the benefit of the community and our players.

Even so, we also offer a buyout for those who know they may not have the time or energy to commit and can best contribute financially.

What is the time commitment? How many practices and games per week?

Time commitment varies by division, with the number of weekly activities (games or practices) increasing as the level of play raises. More-detailed information, including game duration and rules differences between divisions, will be posted at the league website.

How does the team and/or local league communicate with parents? Does the league have a social media presence?

Team communications will differ depending on coach preferences. Your player's coach may even like having a parent volunteer to manage team communications, so consult with your team's coach if you are willing to help.

The league may communicate to parents and players via the website, email, text message, and our Facebook page.

Can I manage my child's team?

Yes! Each team will have multiple coaches, as well as the opportunity to help occasionally at practices as a "skills coach" running stations for baseball exercises.

Whatever your interest may be in coaching/managing, every volunteer must complete a volunteer application, which includes a background check request. Start by completing that, and we will contact you to discuss the possibilities.

If my child is selected to a Minor League team, is there a chance he/she gets called up to Majors during the season?

No. Once the season starts, players will finish the season in the same division.

What will my child need to bring to practice?

Players should always be dressed appropriately for the weather and for athletic activity. They should also always have drinking water. The only equipment that is required is a baseball mitt/glove and (for boys) a worn athletic cup. Cleats and baseball caps (especially when the sun is shining) are recommended. Players are welcome to bring their own bats and helmets, provided they meet LIttle League's safety standards.

When is Opening Day, and what will be involved?

Our official season-opening event is the Jamboree, which is typically on a Saturday in early April. and coincides with picture day. Teams will be presented in full uniform.

How many players are on a Little League team?

Roster size varies by division and registration numbers, but generally teams will have between 7 and 15 players.

Does each player play every game?

Every division has rules that guarantee every player plays both offense and defense every game. The amount of guaranteed playing time differs by division. More details can be found on the website.

Where can I find the Little League rules?

Official rules books can be purchased via Little League's web store.

Will my player get to play with his/her classmates?

Players may make teammate requests during registration. Southwest Little League will make every effort to accommodate teammate requests, but nothing is guaranteed.

What is an all-star, and how is the team selected?

Players are chosen to all-star to represent Southwest Little League in postseason tournament play. If your player is eligible to tryout and/or play on his/her division's all-star team, you will be contacted with the information necessary to proceed.

Can my child "play up" on an older all-star team?

A player can play only in divisions for which they are eligible based on their league age. Players can be eligible for multiple all-star teams through their participation in a player pool, but tryouts will ultimately determine a player's all-star status.

When will the all-star team be announced?

All-star teams will be officially presented at Southwest Little League's postseason celebration picnic on June 8th.

Do I have to sign my child up to be an all-star?

There is no additional registration process for the all-star teams, though there may be additional paperwork if your player is chosen to participate.

Additionally, players must commit to be available through early July for practices and tournament play.

If my child isn't picked to be an all-star in my league can he/she go to another league to play all-stars?

Players are eligible only for the all-star teams in their home league.

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