Southwest Little League is proud to offer a variety of programs for the boys and girls of our community!

In order to determine the best division for your player, you need to determine their "league age." For the 2019 season, your child's "league age" will be their age on August 31, 2019. Therefore, if your player is 8 years old during the registration period, but turns 9 in July, their league age will be 9. While the registration tool will calculate league age for you and offer you the available divisions for the player based on his or her date of birth, it can be handy to calculate league age in advance to learn about the different programs available before you are asked to choose.

Little League Baseball has an online tool for even easier calculation of a player's league age. You can also refer to this chart to get the same information.


Tee ball is often a child's introduction to the game of baseball. Intended for children ages 4-6, the tee ball experience is rooted in fun, fitness, and fundamentals.

A 7-year-old player with no prior baseball experience and/or special circumstances may be allowed to participate in tee-ball via league petition. Please contact the league by email ([email protected]) if you believe this option is best for your child.


Coach pitch targets players aged 6 to 8 with at least one season of tee-ball experience. Coaches pitch to their team's players all season.


Operates as a minor league program for players aged 7 to 10.


Operates as a major league program for 10-12year old players, (with a maximum of eight 12 year old players per team) under Little League Baseball Rules and Regulations.


Operates as a program for players age 12 and 13 with a maximum of five 13 years old players per team, in accordance with 50/70 Baseball Rules and Regulations.


Operates as a program for 13-14 year old players in accordance with Junior League Baseball Rules and Regulations


Operates as a program for 14-15-16 year old players in accordance with Junior League Baseball Rules and Regulations.

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