Southwest Little League's Coach Pitch program is designed for developing players (ages 6 to 8) of beginning to intermediate skill levels.


Coach Pitch teams practice three times per week through March. Once games start in April, teams will meet for one weeknight practice, one weeknight game, and one Saturday game though either the end of May or beginning of June (depending on calendar).


Score is not kept at Coach Pitch level.

Games are to last either 120 minutes or 6 full innings, whichever comes first.

An inning ends when a defensive team puts three offensive players "out" OR when every batter on the offensive team has made a plate appearance before three outs are made.


All players should be used in the field every inning. If a team has more than nine fielders, extra players are to be stationed in the outfield. Players are to rotate positions throughout each game, with no player in the same position for more than two innings.


Batters are allowed eight pitches OR five swings, whichever comes first. If a batter fails to put a ball in play within the eight pitches or five swings, the batter is out.

Base Running

Players are allowed to advance multiple bases on balls batted into the outfield until the ball is in control of a defensive player on the infield.

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