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Southwest Little League's Tee Ball program is a great way to introduce baseball fundamentals to beginning players (ages 4 to 6). Maintaining a focus on fun, tee ball lays a foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment of the game while building skills and developing a general understanding of baseball rules.


Tee Ball teams practice twice per week through March. Once games start in April. teams will meet for one weeknight practice and one Saturday game though either the end of May or beginning of June. 


Score is not kept at Tee Ball level. 

Games are to last either 90 minutes or 4 full innings, whichever comes first. 


Every player present at a game is to play in the field every inning. If a team has more than nine fielders, extra players are to be stationed in the outfield. Players are to rotate positions throughout each game, with no player in the same position for more than two innings.


The Tee Ball season is divided into halves. During games in the first half of the season, players will hit off a tee. In the second half, the coach will introduce live pitching to players.

Batters are allowed five swings in an effort to get a "hit." In order for a batted ball to count as a "hit," the ball must travel at least ten feet from the front of the plate. During play in the second half of the season, a player who fails to "hit" in their five swings off live pitching is allowed to take a single attempt off a tee.

An inning does not ends once every player has had an at-bat. Hence, every player gets to hit every inning played. 


There is no stealing of bases in Tee Ball. 

Players are allowed to advance only one base per hit. 


Southwest Little League's Majors program is for players from 11 to 12 years old, playing under Little League Baseball Rules and Regulations.

Games and Practices

Teams practice 4 times per week in March. When games being in April, teams will conduct 1 to 2 practices per week and play 2 to 3 games per week.

The regular season ends in early June.


All Majors players are required to attend at least 1 of the scheduled tryout sessions and enter the league draft for team assignment.

Any player failing to attend at least 1 of the tryout sessions must have a board-approved excuse in order to play and will be assigned randomly to a roster.

Game Duration

A game lasts six innings, with no time limit, as per Little League Rules and Regulations, or ends when the allotted field time is up.  Four innings (3 1/2 if the home team leads) must be played to qualify as an official game.  Only the umpire can decide whether a game should be stopped early due to darkness, weather, or concerns about field conditions.


Southwest Little League provides its teams with the equipment necessary for games and practices, including helmets, bats, balls, and catcher's equipment.

Additionally, each player should be provided a uniform shirt and hat. Parents will need to provide their player a mitt/glove, baseball pants, and cleats.

Some parents may also choose to purchase a helmet and bat for their child to use. Before shopping for a bat, however, please review the current Little League bat rules, as only bats meeting Little League safety regulations are allowed to be used.


Volunteers are the backbone of every successful Little League program. Southwest Little League is no different and has a wide range of volunteer opportunities available.

In addition to coaching roles working directly with the players and teams, help is needed in a number of baseball and other organizational functions, including fundraising, event planning, scorekeeping, umpiring, etc.

Additionally, the season-ending picnic and awards ceremony is a huge effort requiring many hands. If you have a limited amount of time but want to contribute, consider offering your volunteer efforts for that fun-filled day!

Little League encourages all parents to get involved and be an active part of your community's Little League program.

Parent Connection

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Southwest Little League (D7, Seattle, WA)

551 S Concord St 
Seattle, Washington 98108

Phone: 206-478-5504
Email: [email protected]

Southwest Little League (D7, Seattle, WA)

551 S Concord St 
Seattle, Washington 98108

Phone: 206-478-5504
Email: [email protected]
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